Surviving Middle School

July 29, 2023

Middle School is a time for drama. Girls and boys discovering each other and chaos commencing. Boys finding their place on the sports teams and parents learning how to turn coaching over to the paid professionals. Girls clique up and claim lunchroom tables. Deodorant is bought by the gallon and clothes become a source of mother-daughter conversation each day.

Beautiful, wonderful, challenging, tearful, dramatic, high-energy Middle School is a right-of-passage that must be survived by all. But for one area teen, it did not mean surviving dances, mean girls, and whether or not she made the volleyball team. It literally involved survival.

“M” was on the transplant list. She had been sick for a long time and homebound. Then it turned from serious to critical and she quickly headed to the hospital in Columbia. It was going to be a long journey. Mom was by her side.

“M’s” three siblings needed some normalcy in their lives. Dad remained at home to hold down the fort.

It was touch and go for a while. Usually, in the hospital, there is a nap or a procedure time where Mom could sneak to the cafeteria or out to grab a bite. But not this time. Mom could not step away. It was too tenuous…too scary. What if? Maybe? She couldn’t risk it.

Weakness, fatigue, lack of nourishment took their toll on Mom. Nothing would force her to leave her daughter’s bedside. So, Care 4 Kids and a creative school counselor came up with an idea. A loaded Door Dash card was delivered to Mom. She downloaded the app and had food delivered right where she sat.

Mom stayed healthy, and soon, “M” found her way to stable.

It’s the little things that often create the biggest obstacles. And, it’s the little things that often make it better.

“M” is still journeying toward health and a day when Middle School drama will be a welcome detour.


Care For Kids


Care For Kids