Another Carpenter. More Love.

December 13, 2022

The Angel Trees are full of names. The adoptions of children at Christmas for gift-giving are flourishing in offices across America. Good people want to do good at Christmas. The youngest are selected first. It’s more fun to buy toys and colorful board books. If we allow ourselves to imagine, we can see the eyes of wonder pop open with joy as the magic of Christmas morning is made possible through our donations.

In one corner of our community, something magical happened far away from any tree or tinsel. There were no pretty bows or decorated nametags. But the joy of receiving was just as powerful and life changing.

He wasn’t bound for college. School was not something he wanted more of. His hands were his gifts. He was talented at building things. The technical school had a carpentry program and he was excelling.

Each day he would work, until he just couldn’t. The cold was his nemesis. The best he had was a hoodie and a pair of tennis shoes, Frozen toes and a shivering core stood as a huge obstacle to his success.

There was no Angel Tree on which to place his wishes. He said not a word. But a wise counselor came bearing gifts. A warm pair of boots, gloves, and a coat made it the best day ever.

And the building goes on.


Care For Kids


Care For Kids