A Summer Trip To Possibility

August 09, 2023

The warm breezes of summer blow across the front porch and the words jump from the pages, transporting the child into the world of possibility through imagination. Reading is the greatest travel agent!

But Mrs. B knew reading couldn’t be just an assignment. It had to be a passionate journey. Her experience as a teacher told her the students would not read over the summer without guidance. So, she started a Summer Reading Book Club. Many of her 8th to 10th-grade students could not afford new books. The Care For Kids money filled the bill. The club chose Little Women as their first stop along the journey.

Every good book club deserves tea. And every tea party requires elegant tea cups. The journey took them to a local pottery shop and each created their own. With every sip of tea and each skillfully written word, the students stepped into 1860’s Massachusetts and made friends with four relatable little women. So much so, they begged to go to Parkview High School’s Theatrical Production of Little Women. Care For Kids money purchased the tickets. For many of the students, it was their first live performance experience.

Life is a journey. But if that journey has territorial boundaries due to lack of opportunity or wonder, life stagnates. Wonderful teachers like Mrs. B find a way to extend the boundaries and travel to the avenues of possibility.


Care For Kids


Care For Kids