The Family Project

The Family Project is a growing partnership between schools, churches, and ministries in our two-county area who are all working together to take a proactive approach to address the “breakdown of the family”. The symptoms of poverty and brokenness that we see every day in our communities are complex and can often feel overwhelming. We know that we will not fix the struggles families are facing overnight. However, we believe that God has positioned churches and schools to be the champions of developing healthy families and empowering them to mend the brokenness through stronger family units. Research shows that developing stronger families benefits the entire community. Our strategy is to unite and empower schools, churches, and parents to present a clear and consistent message that promotes, encourages, and equips healthy families. There are great organizations already impacting Stone & Taney county families in amazing ways. Through them, we are working to catalyze that great work and increase their impact to even more families in our communities.