Mentors Toolbox

The Mentors Toolbox

April 15, 2019

Every Mentor has a toolbox of sorts. Books can be tools. Coloring pages and a box of 16 Crayons can be tools. A good lunch and a delicious cookie can be tools. Hugs, listening, laughter and smiles can all be tools. But sometimes the only tool capable of making a difference is prayer.

L was a very special little girl. Her Mentor, B, loved her very much. They had developed a special bond. Volumes of understanding could be achieved without a single word spoken. They had a connection.
It was that connection that concerned B. The past two visits were strained. L didn’t say anything was wrong, but her eyes told a different story. On the third visit B discovered the horror. B entered the school and L came running toward her, “All last night my Dad said he was going to kill himself.”

B looked around and found the normally chaotic check-in table to be quiet and unattended. She felt the need to pray. B and L joined hands right there in that spot… set knee to knee, bowed their heads and prayed for Dad and L and their family. Tears flowed. Hope surfaced. Peace found a home for just a little while. L shared that prayer and a belief in God was not alive in her life.

The story doesn’t end well. L’s father suffers from Bi-Polar Schizophrenia. He can be dangerous. L’s birth mom came to take her and her siblings from the father’s home to another town. In that town she discovered even more chaos from boyfriends, more children living with them, a brother with the same disorder, no formal schooling and a lack of faith.
B has struggled to keep her connection. It has broken her heart. She cannot be with her buddy and cannot physically take her away from it all. But she has a tool.
Her only tool is a powerful one. It is with deep love and true faith in the power of God’s healing hands that B prays daily for L and her family.

Through the tool of prayer her connection with L stays intact.
Through faith she sees tomorrow.

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