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“See You Next Week”

January 31, 2018

“The day came that so many of us fear. The doctor actually said the words, “It is cancer.”

For those who have heard those words it is understood there is a process that occurs after those words are said: shock, denial, sadness, fear, visioning, worry, determination… Then someone takes charge and a routine and protocol begins… the world moves on.”

“D” was a Lunch Buddy before the cancer. She was determined to stay put and continue her duties during the treatment; but, there were many days she just didn’t feel like it. On those days her husband stepped in and took her place. Her buddy deserved to have someone there.

On good days, they both went and lunch was always full of joy, learning and friendship.

“D” often thought about the similarities between her diagnosis and the diagnosis of her buddy. She had known a different life before cancer. Her buddy had been born into a life of poverty and low support. He was behind in reading and struggling to make the grade. He, too, was in a form of “treatment protocol” and she felt blessed to be able to be a touchpoint along his journey to a better life.

They were in this together. She helped him. He helped her.

The day came of her last treatment. She would soon cross over into the category of “survivor”.
“D” thought to herself, “I want my buddy to be a “survivor” too.”

Then it happened. “D” turned to leave after her Lunch Buddy visit was complete. Two steps toward the door and she heard his sweet words. “See you next week!” And she responded with a resounding “YES!”

Thank God there is a next week for “D” and her buddy!
Together they will not just “survive”; they will “thrive.”

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