October 21, 2019

This wasn’t how Mom had planned life. When she was a little girl her Barbie and Ken were just like everyone else’s. They were in love, married and shoe shopping for the latest color of pumps. But life happened and she found herself pregnant at a very young age and out on the streets with a baby boy and a bad addiction.

She lost him. She lost herself. And life went on.

The baby boy grew up. The doors of one foster home opened and shut. Then another. And another. D became a frequent flier in the system without ever finding home.

For all the growing up years Mom never forgot D. Every little boy she saw reminded her of what she lost. Every Christmas she ached for the morn. And every time she fell back to addiction, she was reminded why he wasn’t hers to keep.

Although weak and often ignored, there was a thread that kept Mom and D connected. It was faith.

In time, that weak thread grew stronger and Mom found a way out of her spiral down. She found her own mom and reconnected. She healed with the help of God’s love.

D had faith too. He often credited faith for the reason he jumped from home to home. He knew she was out there somewhere and really wanted him. He could feel it.

And that day when he turned 18 and left his last foster home, it was faith that packed his bag.

He was headed south on foot when the resource officer picked him up. One Coca-Cola later the story was shared and the school counselor was on the job. The officer and the school were able to locate Mom and Grandma in Kentucky! The word “YES” blasted from the phone when the counselor asked if he could come home.

Care For Kids was able to help D get ready for the trip and purchase a one-way bus ticket to Mom.

Eighteen years and a patient thread of faith brought love home.

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