No Walls


June 17, 2019

A “Lunch Buddy” isn’t confined to the cafeteria! There are no walls to love.

“J” had not seen her Lunch Buddy “L” in a long time. Travels had taken her away for over a month and she missed her.  So, one day while out running errands, she stopped by her home for a surprise.

Mom answered the door and was so happy to see “J”!  Together they conspired and crafted a real surprise. “J” hid behind the door and Mom called for “L” to come downstairs to help her. When “L” turned the corner, “J” popped out and the whole world exploded with joy. Tears rolled down every cheek.  Smiles cracked every face.

“J” and “L” have been on a journey for quite some time. In and out of home, foster care, back home again. Mom and “L” are doing well. “J” has been there every step of the way. “J” has arranged for a Kanakuk scholarship, enabling “L” to have her first ever camp experience! And… the summer just wouldn’t be complete with a Buddy day at White Water.

Now, “L” is facing 5th Grade. Most Lunch Buddies bid farewell before their child enters the Intermediate School. It is very unusual for a Lunch Buddy to travel up to 5th Grade with a child; but, “L” is asking for “J” to take the next step with her…of course! When asked if she would mind being one of the only kids in 5th grade with a Lunch Buddy she simply smiled. “Just lucky I guess!”

For “L” there is not “LUNCH” in front of “J’s” title. She is just her Buddy. . . for life.

No cafeteria required!

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