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No In Order To

November 1, 2018

Why do we give? Some in this world give in order to receive. Others give in order to enjoy a tax write off. Some give in order to get a fundraiser chairman off their back. And a few give in order to feel better. We have found that those who raise their hands as “givers” in the Care For Kids initiative don’t even have an “in order to.” There is no ulterior motive to giving other than love.
There is a secret to this kind of love-centered giving… it always gives back!

“J” was a true lover of music. He had been a music teacher most of his life. In retirement he gave music lessons to young children. But life and circumstances had stopped the music in his life. He missed it.

“P” was his lunch buddy. They shared stories of camping and fishing and hiking. One day “J” shared a story of playing the saxophone in a concert. “P” hung on every word. “P” loved the sax. He told a story of a famous band he loved and how the sax was “rockin’ awesome.”   “J” knew “P” would never go out for band at school…not because of his dislike for music, but because there was no discretionary money for an instrument.

“J” had an idea. After the school visit he hurried home to find his old trombone hiding in the back of the closet. He knew the trombone was not a loved instrument of “P’s”, but it was a beginning. He could learn to love it. He called the school to inquire if he could donate the instrument to him. It was then “J” learned of the power of possibilities. Care For Kids had funds available to secure instruments for kids. The saxophone was in reach.

“P” facilitated the process of introducing “J” to his instrument. He gave a few lessons and “J” was off and running. He had found his sound.

Then love gave back.  “P” found his music again and it miraculously matched the beat of his heart.
Love…the alternative to “in order to”.

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