Care for Kids


September 5, 2017

No man can see clearly when his eyes are shut and his fists are ready for the fight. “J’s” fists were so tightly clenched, he was perpetually ready for the “fight” …not the physical fight of student on student, but the emotional fight of never having “enough.” His mother had lost her job and her hunt for employment was never ending. There were several children in their home and “J” was the oldest. It was his job to help ensure there was “enough” for everyone else. All he could see was need and want.

As “J” felt the crunch of his glasses beneath his sneaker, he knew this was the last straw. There was absolutely no money for his new glasses. And this pair was held together already with Superglue and Duct Tape.

Squinting in the front row of class was just not cutting it for “J”. He had no option. The fists had to unfold and he had to be willing to ask for help.

With humble spirit and eyes to the floor, “J” walked into the school counselor’s office to ask if there was any way he could find a pair of glasses that would help him. Maybe someone had lost a pair? Maybe there were loaners? He just needed something to “see the board in class.”
The counselor heard the story, not just with her head, but with her heart. It was an excellent time to embrace the Care 4 Kids funding.

Within one day the student was being fit for NEW frames – perfect for him. He picked out his style and the prescription was suited for his exact situation. Until they arrived he was given a pair to use. With the borrowed glasses, he could see again. Two weeks later he had his own pair.

And the world became much clearer to “J”. Open hands, open eyes, open heart.

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