Homeless Doesn’t Mean Hopeless

September 12, 2022

To almost any other little girl it was just a dress. Nothing special. Some small yellow
flowers on a background of light green. But to this five-year-old, it was the
gown of a princess ready to start kindergarten. It was a new dress, not a
hand-me-down or a donation from the thrift store. It was hers.

Each of her six siblings were able to start their new school experience in their new town
with new clothes. The school counselors were equipped with funds to make a
back-to-school shopping day unforgettable.

This family, fresh in Ozark Mountain Country, had a rough journey that forced their
homelessness. One of the events of homelessness is isolation and lack of life’s
joyful simplicities such as shopping for school supplies and clothing. Many are
supported with donations, but few get the experience of selecting their own
styles and engaging in the act of buying new.

The power of those new clothes gave a boost to seven children leveling the playing field and
creating a true fresh start. In a world where labels like “homeless” can create
walls of difference, caring hearts and aware educators remove definers and
replace them with new friends and life-changing learning.

In Ozark Mountain Country, a little girl is dancing like a princess.

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