Freedom to Love

July 4, 2019

She didn’t love him. In fact, she didn’t even like him. But she was a single mom and she loved her young daughter. She was struggling to make ends meet, so, when the boyfriend offered to let them move in, she did. One less rent payment. One less electricity payment. She was already working three jobs and she just couldn’t make it work for her and her daughter. He would help.

But that help came with strings attached and those strings were not healthy. Bigger issues surfaced. Now safety for her daughter and herself were concerns. She worried less about the electricity bill and more about staying alive. But she could find no way out.

The counselor at her daughter’s school saw the effects of a hostile home weighing heavily on the young student. She began to investigate and discovered an unhealthy relationship between mom and the boyfriend.

Enter Care For Kids.

Through a one-on-one meeting with Mom, the team at the school was able to help her find her path out. Together they located housing. Caring Buddies helped them move in. Care For Kids money paid the electric bill for a bit. And today, Mom and daughter are flourishing in their newfound freedom. Freedom to love and be loved. Freedom to live the life for which we were created.

In this month of celebrating our freedoms we must remember that freedom comes when we have the ability to take care of ourselves and the basic needs of those we love. Care For Kids allows that freedom in healthy, empowering ways.

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