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Everyone Needs A Little Pomp

May 1, 2017

She wasn’t going to graduation.  Oh!  Yes!  She had earned the right.  Her GPA was amazing at 3.2.  She had all of her credits.  She even had qualified to attend a Community College for two years with her A+ program completion.

She had done everything required of her to walk across that stage…except for one thing.  She had not saved the money to buy a cap and gown.  There just wasn’t any money.  Food and rent required every penny.  Pomp and Circumstance does not trump a roof over your head and food on the table when there are three other kids at home and a single mom.  And pride does not permit the first ever in a family to graduate from high school to go asking for a hand out.

So – she just wouldn’t attend.  The diploma would still be hers.  It would all be fine.

Deep inside there is that longing every good counselor understands.  It is the need to belong – to be a part of the team – to cross over with your sisters and brothers to another life stage.

Keen eyes, attentive ears and an open heart  are job requirements for a high school counselor.  And this one found the opportunity to “just happen to have an extra cap and gown lying about.”

When her name was read, a proud momma and three siblings jumped to their feet in support and a tear found its way onto the new gown.

And…the world became a brighter place.

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