Does Love Have Strong Legs

Does Love Have Strong Legs?

August 22, 2019

Does the heart need legs to love? Is balance referring only to the ability to stand without staggering or could it mean to stand in non-judgement with the healthy perspective of acceptance?

“R” and his wife moved to the area almost two years ago. He was a teacher, a mentor, an advocate for children and held a degree in special education. On his heart was placed a deep need to impact kids in positive ways. On his body was the debilitating disease of cerebral palsy. The effects of his disability deemed him a fall risk and, in his previous state, schools were reluctant to hire him. A dark cloud remained in “R’s” life because he couldn’t fulfill his mission. He fought depression.

Through the doors of Care For Kids he marched. On the other side he found his purpose. . . a young boy we shall call “M”. This relationship has grown into a true partnership in life. “M” even declares, “I am a different kid since I starting hanging out with you.”

Because of the impact “R” is having with “M”, the world is changing. Just the other day “M” and his grandfather and his uncle showed up at “R’s” door. After a confident knock, “R” opened the door to reveal three smiling faces and little “M” asking, “Can we just hang out with you for a while?”

They spent time playing basketball, talking, sharing stories of likes and dislikes. The grandfather even gave permission for “M” to spend the night with “R” and his wife.
As he left “M” proclaimed, “You are part of our family now.”

And the legs of love grew ten feet tall.

“The Lord is good to all. And His mercy is over all that He has made.” Psalm 145:9

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