Care for Kids

Clear Sight

July 15, 2018

There are a lot of dirt roads in Ozark Mountain Country. They curve and wind around like brown snakes in the grass. We get familiar with them and learn their routes and then….it rains! The roads change. Directions turn around. Danger arises.

So, too, do we find familiar paths in life changing with the times. For one young lady about to graduate high school the road seemed like a dead end. Her senior year began with a glorious plan…college, nursing, independence. But the dirt road that lead back to home base erupted with chaos. Safety became a huge goal. Food and shelter seemed a lot more important than college and a future.

But, she was determined to find a new road, and with the help of her counselor, she found one. Financial aid, declaration of ‘Homeless’, a loving neighbor and Care For Kids all helped clear the debris from the route.

Seeing the route was her most pressing obstacle. Her eyesight was causing headaches and confusion. With Care For Kids money the counselor was able to grant her an eye exam and new glasses.

Today, this bright, young graduate can see clearly. Her path includes nursing and technical EMT training. The rain is gone for now. She can see the sunshine, not only on the horizon but in these moments.

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