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Christ Is At It Again

August 15, 2016

It is often said, “Money can’t buy happiness.” But money can provide a Senior with a cap and gown so he can walk out onto the stage with his graduating class and feel a part of it all.

And money can keep the heat on when it’s freezing cold outside.

And money can put a new pair of jeans that are just the right length on a girl who has been teased all year long about her clothes and her “high-rise” pants.

And money can restore the opportunity to see for a child with poor prescription glasses.

So is the statement, “Money can’t buy happiness” still true?

Yes – because the happiness doesn’t come because of the material gifts. It comes when the heart of the Giver is touched by the love of Christ and the heart of the Receiver is grateful for that love.

Care For Kids is a channel encouraging the passage of that love from giver to receiver.

She was so very worried about that first day.  Dad had passed away. It was a freak accident. No plans had been put into place to take care of her and Mom.  She thought the world would stop when he died…but it didn’t. It just kept on turning. And now the first day of fourth grade was just a few days away.

She knew what she was going to wear on the first day.  It wasn’t hard to figure out.  It was her best outfit.  No holes; almost perfect in size.  But the second day and the third day… she had no clue. What would she wear? And the school supplies. There were none. When the teacher called out for all the pencils to go onto the first table, the Kleenex on the next, the folders on the third table and the markers… she would have nothing. Everyone would stare.

Oh how she wished she could just skip a few days and show up a week later when no one would notice that she had nothing to give. He missed his wife so much…especially this time of year. She had been a teacher for thirty years and the start of school was always an exciting time for her.  Each year she bought extra school supplies for the kids that didn’t have enough.  He missed helping her shop for sales and putting goodie bags together.  He thought they would spend their golden years together but the cancer took her too soon.

When he heard about the need for backpacks and school supplies he felt a warmth inside. He found the strength within to fill several backpacks with pencils, folders, Kleenex and markers.  He even added a couple of bright, pretty new outfits for a fourth grade girl. After all, his wife had taught fourth grade all those years.  He would carry on her legacy.
And the Giver felt the warmth of love. And the Receiver was grateful. Christ lives.

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