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March 20, 2019

So many choices. It is hard to be a First Grader. On the outside it may look like all fun and games, but making balanced choices is a challenge at any age.

Most of “T’s” fellow students that invested time with their Buddy, did so in the mornings over breakfast. They needed the nutritional benefits of a school breakfast and it was a great time to connect with the Buddies and start the day off on solid ground.  But “T” was fortunate to have breakfast at home, so he wasn’t hungry.  And in his six-year-old mind, sitting in the cafeteria without food and talking to his Buddy when there was a playground and classmates to rough house with made no sense.

So – — “T” chose, on several occasions, to head to the playground and leave his Buddy at the table alone. When his teacher pulled “T” aside and shared how this probably hurt his Buddy’s feelings, it crushed him. That was never his intent. In his mind, it wasn’t about their relationship. It was about kickball!

“T” ran to his Buddy with tears in his eyes and a huge apology. What he got in return was a big hug and these words, “Don’t worry little man. I love you. Always will.”

The Buddy and the teacher knew that “T” needed that strong, calm start to the morning to get his day launched on track. So “T’s” Buddy sat down with him and they identified some activities and interactive games they could play in the mornings together that would be more fun and engaging for “T”.

A commitment was made to each other. “T” would meet him on their special mornings and the Buddy would make it fun.

Good choices. And the journey of learning continues.

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February 11, 2019

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