Can Anyone Turn Off The Rain?

September 16, 2019

“When it rains it pours” the old saying goes. Well M was tired of rain. She was wet through and through without even an umbrella to shield her. . . or so it felt.

She had always had a love for children. Her journey began as a young mom with two of her own. Life happened and she did her very best, but times were hard. Her own children made some unhealthy choices. In the course of their journeys, each had children of their own. Five in total.

When addiction took her adult children to incarceration, love brought her five grandchildren to her home and she began the cycle of parenting again.

She loved bedtime and storybook sessions. She loved snuggling and morning kisses at the breakfast table. On occasion their highlight reel looked a bit like a Hallmark card. But the real-life photo was quite different. M couldn’t pay the bills. Candlelight was tough to read by and cold showers were miserable. The car broke down and the kids missed day after day of school. Food ran short. Six mouths to feed was impossible.

But once upon a time a grandmother prayed for help. And her prayer was heard. An in-touch school counselor noticed the unwashed clothes and then the absences. She made a visit and discovered what she feared. M was hanging on by a thread.

The community did what the community does so well and soon the car was fixed. Care for Kids paid the electric bill for a few months. Hot water returned and so did sweet smelling little kids to the classroom.

The horizon is not all sunshine and rainbows for M. The road is long and bumpy but now she has an advocate, a community alongside her… and an umbrella!

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