Care for Kids

An Even Cut

July 6, 2018

She walked right up to the stylist and handed her a photograph she had torn from a magazine.  At lunch she overheard one of the other girls say that is what she had done…found a haircut on Pinterest and showed it to her hair stylist from her phone.  “M” didn’t have a phone.  She really didn’t have a stylist but Care For Kids money and the district administrator brought a hair stylist right to the school and “M” was going to get her very first professional hair cut.  She was ready.  She had found a magazine resting on a table at the WIC office and she saw the perfect style on the cover girl.

One perfect, trendy, beautiful cut later “M” climbed out of the chair and ran into the bathroom to see the results.  Tears stained her cheeks as she saw an amazing girl staring back at her.

Self-confidence.  So important.  That same week “M” was able to see a dentist, gather a few new clothes, enjoy a backpack full of food and select tennis shoes.

And for that moment the stairs of inequality evened out and all was right in the world.

It is often the little things that level things out for the littler ones.

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