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A True Reunion

November 28, 2016

Do I care because we are related? Or do I discover we are related because I care?

My husband had been a book buddy to “J” for several years. A deep and strong relationship was born. Both he and “J” looked forward to the days they shared. They developed a love for certain styles of books. The words on the pages came to life for them both. The visits were escapes into magical destinations and heroic battles.

As the years passed and “J” grew older, the need for a book buddy lessened. Longer periods of time passed between their visits, and with the introduction of Middle School, the visits stopped.

My husband often wondered what happened to “J”. He deeply cared. He had watched him grow and so hoped for his success in high school.

In small towns family trees grow close together. Some families in our community are far-reaching, as it was for my husband. His lineage had deep roots in the county. The day arrived for his gigantic family reunion. We filled our car with the assigned pot luck items and headed off to the picnic.

Standing there next to the row of pies and relatives was “J”. He was, in fact, a member of our own family tree and we never knew.

The relationship was born from caring – not a bloodline. And now the relationship with relation is by choice!

Relationships built from love are true bonds worth reuniting!

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