Care for Kids

A Care Package

July 15, 2017

What is a physical need? Clothing, food, water, safety, sleep…..

When those basic things are met, it is often assumed that a person can succeed.

But unmet emotional needs can often be the biggest obstacle to standing in the gap.

Two generations shared the same household. Grandma was helping to raise her grandchildren. Basic needs were fulfilled and Grandma took care to distribute genuine love on a daily basis. But life happened and the grandmother died unexpectedly. It hit the 8-year-old granddaughter extremely hard.

The school counselor and the teacher were able to put some Care For Kids money to great use. They purchased a stuffed bear, a journal with gel pens, a sketchbook and some small comfort items. It was a Care Package to help her through her loss. The young girl had missed several days of school so the teacher and counselor went to her home for a visit. She was beyond excited to see her teacher and counselor. She opened the Care Package, carefully removing each item and smiling sincerely after examining each one. Then she pulled the smiling teddy bear from the bag, buried her face into his fur and sighed a healing sigh.

This Care For Kids purchase didn’t meet the basic needs of food and clothing, but it sure bridged the gap with love and emotional support.

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