Care for Kids

Care for Kids

The Silver Dollar City Foundation’s Care For Kids program, launched in 2006, seeks to meet the physical needs of kids in the Stone and Taney County communities. Care For Kids works through a unique partnership with the school districts and churches serving Stone & Taney counties.

What do you think it means to a kid with tumors growing all over her hands who was able to go to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital to have them removed? What does it means to a boy who came to school covered with the stench of cat urine to have clean clothes provided? Or to a family whose rental home leaked so badly that rainwater poured in through the electrical outlets, shocking a child inside, to be able to move to a new place? The need is great, but I’m so thankful I live in this area with such compassionate people and a foundation and a company that put it all together.

L. West, Kirbyville Counselor

To meet physical needs, the Foundation has given funds to the schools each year, this year alone giving over $157,000 to 14 area school districts. This brings the total funding donations through Care for Kids to $1.96 Million. The goal is to meet areas of need that fall through the cracks of existing resources and programs.

Who wouldn’t want to be with a bright-faced child who runs to give you a hug and holds your hand as you walk down the hall at school, sharing their joys and problems, who misses you if you have to miss a week? I hope to be in this little girl’s life to see her be all she can be!

Mentor, Forsyth Elementary

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