This Is “ONLY” A Test

The ACT Test.  It is really a big deal for high school students wanting to go to college.  Each Junior gets to take the ACT for free during the spring.  But if the desired score for college entrance is not achieved, the student must take the test again.  And this time it is at his or her own expense.

“M” saved every dollar she could for registration and payment for the next ACT test opportunity.  She was so close to her required score but just not quite there.  She dreamed of college…being the first in her family to ever attend.

A good night’s sleep.  Protein breakfast.  Car full of gas.  Test day arrived and “M” was ready. But on the way to the testing site, her car broke down.  Tears flowed.  Phone calls began.  But “No Refunds” was the rule and the money was gone.   So were her dreams of college.

An engaged high school counselor learned of the dilemma and reached out to Care for Kids.  “M” found her place again at the table on the next test day.  This time the fee was paid by Care for Kids.

The scores came in and the doors are now open for “M”.

She is walking through those doors with confidence.  And the world is new again.studying-for-a-test-2-1126740-s