Basic Needs

What does it mean “to have your basic needs met”? To some it might mean enough food and water. To others…maybe clothes. And yet, to others, it might mean having the ability to interact socially and engage in extracurricular activities – – money for athletic clothes or band instruments. To one young girl “having her basic needs met” meant electricity.

The spring floods had taken their home and its contents. No insurance and no savings account meant no home. When the water receded, the father was able to locate an old camper and moved it onto the slab where the house once stood; but, without electricity, the young girl had no way to shower or wash her clothes. The kids noticed and made comments.
The alert school counselor arranged for her clothes to be washed at school and for her to shower in the locker room before classes started.

With a little father ingenuity and some money from Care For Kids to purchase parts, her dad was able to rebuild the electric meter at the site where their home had stood, and the lights came on once again. Piece by piece they are rebuilding a life.

“Basic Human Needs” … food, shelter, clothing, electricity and love.