A Perfect Pair

She had known her since first grade…four years.  They were Lunch Buddies.  They laughed together, cried together and grew through the grades together.  The elder served as the constant…the rudder during rough times.  The child served as the ignitor of the spirit.  She represented hope and adventure and curiosity.  The pair was perfect together. 

Now “G”, the elder, knew the rules.  She was not supposed to bring gifts. And never ever should a gift be given in front of the other children.  But it was “M’s” birthday.  “G” just wanted to do something.  She imagined there would be no pretty packages with ribbons and bows for her at home. 

So she thought she would find a way and purchased a beautiful pair of pajamas… sleep pants and matching polka dot shirt.  She wrapped them up in a gorgeous box and topped it with a magical bow. 

“G” didn’t know if an opportunity would present itself to give her a gift but she had it in her car just in case. 

When she walked into the building every child was traveling about the hallways – all in their pajamas.  It was PAJAMA DAY!!!!   When “G” spied “M” her heart skipped a beat.  She was in her regular jeans and t-shirt – – not pajamas.  So “G” slipped back out to the car and into the counselor’s office.  She asked if they could make an exception just this once.  After all it was her birthday and pajama day all rolled into one and the gift just happened to be pajamas. 

The picture “G” has on her fridge at home is a beautiful smiling pair…the elder is wearing the spirit openly across her face.  The child is proudly dressed in polka dot pajamas.

Funny – “M” has one picture on her fridge too.  The same one.