A Grown Kid


Our stories often revolve around young faces, youthful hearts touched, First Graders struggling to read, Third Graders without a warm coat or a lonely child at lunch void of a friend.  But possibly the most amazing story of all showcasing Christ’s unconditional love revolves around a ‘boy’ society refers to as ‘an adult.’ 

For two years he has lived completely on his own.  No parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caring neighbors to take him in.  He works to pay the bills and he attends school.  At 19-years-old he is a senior in high school and making it alone.  No outside aid funnels in…no food stamps or welfare. He is making it. 

But there is only time in the day to go to school and work.  Food and rent take the entire paycheck and his health was suffering.  Poor vision and an obvious chipped tooth hindered him from being at 100% and life after school was looming on the horizon.  Society does not look at a 19-year-old as a child and he is not disabled so there is no Medicaid. 

Enter Care for Kids and an amazing counselor.  Enter Christ’s love. 

He is ready now.  A graduate.  A great smile and eyes that can see a bright future.